About Us

Marthe Lefebvre: Co-Founder and Project Manager at EML Translations


Marthe Lefebvre
Co-Founder and Project Manager

Speaks English, French and Spanish.

Canadian at birth, Marthe has been a ‘climatic refugee’ in Spain for more than 25 years. After obtaining a Spanish philology degree from the University of Montreal and Complutense of Madrid, she worked as a Spanish & French teacher for various universities and private companies. She has more than 20 years´experience as a freelance translator. Marthe opened EML translations because she is passionate about quality translations  and meticulous about selecting the most talented freelance translators for every project. Marthe personally supervises and reviews the quality of our translations.

‘EML Translation’s main obsession is to ensure that all our customers are satisfied with their translation projects by providing them with the right assistance & professional attentiveness from one end, as well as nurturing our network of expert translators from around the world. That is why ALL translations are always handled by translators who translate into their native language and are highly specialised in the field of the projects that are to be translated or localised.’

Emilie Beneitez: Co-Founder and Sales Director at EML Translations


Emilie Beneitez
Co-Founder & Sales Director

Speaks English, French and Spanish.

Born in Canada, raised in Spain and now living  in London, Emilie is a true citizen of the world. Having studied a degree in International Business and Mass Communications, she also holds an MSc in International Marketing. With more than 12 years’ experience in marketing, communications and public relations for multinational companies, she brings another vision to EML Translations, that of the client. Emilie has a clear understanding of the requirements and challenges that companies face when communicating internationally and also what is important for enterprises when dealing with translations of all types.

‘Having worked in marketing and PR at international companies for many years, I had to deal with translation agencies as part of my day to day job.  So I know first hand how important it is to have a supplier that understands each client inside out, is 100% transparent, provides simple and effective processes and carefully selects translators for each project. At EML Translations we pride ourselves on providing a personalised treatment for every client and guaranteeing best quality translations in the agreed timeframe.’

To trust EML Translations is to trust a professional team that guarantees transparency, quality and a personalised treatment to every project so that your idea can come to live and be communicated in all corners of the world.